Spectator Info

Road Closures!

Starting as early as 10AM May 28th, the following roads will be closed for the duration of the parade

Jefferson Ave from Marter to Martin
9  Mile East of Harper
10 Mile East of Harper
11 Mile East of Harper

Porto Potties!
The Parade Committee provides the following porto potties along the parade route for spectator use
(From South to North)

23717 Jefferson at Nine Mile, Kroger gas Station.
23800 Jefferson East side, BP Station
23839 Jefferson West side at Harper Lake, Nautical Mile Deli
24102 Jefferson East side, Island Harbor Storage
24501 Jefferson West side, at Fresard, S&K Muffler
24601 Jefferson East side at Trombly, Lakeshore Boat Top
25020 Jefferson East side, West Marine. 
25113 Jefferson West side at Rosemary, Baffin Brewery
25300 Jefferson East side at Maple, Frank’s Jefferson Prime Meats
25700 Jefferson at Statler, 7-11 Store
25801 Jefferson West side at Statler, Detroit’s Finest Coney Island Restaurant
26101 Jefferson West side, Shore Pointe Nursing Home
27600 Jefferson East side, City Hall