Little Mack between Harper and 10 Mile will be reduced to one lane in either direction beginning at 9AM

The following roads will be closed to traffic starting at 11:30 AM

-Harper Ave between 9 Mile and Martin Rd
-10 Mile between Little Mack and Jefferson
-11 Mile between Little Mack and Jefferson

Proposed Bathroom Locations(Provided by the Parade Committee)
24400 Harper Eastside North of Downing, Bobbinator sports collectables
24873 Harper Westside north of Lange, Pool town
24924 Harper Eastside North of Lange, Appollo heating and cooling
24401 Harper  Westside of Harper at Fresard, El Charo
25401 Harper Westside North of 10 Mile Rd. Macomb County Health Center(Special Needs unit)
24730 Harper Eastside at Revere, Buscemies
25500 Harper Eastside at Benjamin, Low Price Auto Repair 
25901 Harper West side Near Statler, SACU Credit Union
26220 Harper Eastside at Bon Brae, BP Gas Station
26341 Harper Westside at Frazo. Ride Perfect 
26640 Harper Eastside North of Lakeshire, John Simon Attorney,
27249 Harper Westside south of Alexander, Woods Trophies
27360 Harper Eastside at Erben, Michigan Muscle 
27575 Harper Westside, Lakeview School Admin. Lot(Special Needs Unit)
27602 Harper East Side at Cedar, Great Lakes Battery